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How to Care for Kitchen Linens

How to Care for Kitchen LinensHow to Care for Kitchen Linens

Linen is a beautiful, comfortable, and durable fabric that is made from fibres of the flax plant. Taking care of linen is easy! It becomes softer and more absorbent with age. What The Linen team has been asked many questions about taking care for linen products, so we decided to write an article to make things clear. Just follow a few simple rules, and enjoy your linens for years to come!
As with many fabrics, especially if you’re still learning about how to care for them, use a small, hidden area of the fabric to test out any cleaning products.

Here are some basic rules that are applicable to most pure linen items:

– Machine wash in hot water (up to 70°C (158°F).
White kitchen linens can withstand water temperatures of up to 100°C. In the past housewives regularly boiled their linen items to kill germs on their bedsheets and towels. Nowadays, it is uncommon for people to boil their linens, but you can still wash them on the “hot cycle” setting in your washing machine.

– Do not bleach.
Bleach ruins natural fibres of flax linen easily. Also do not bleach your coloured kitchen linens. No matter what kind of dye was used (natural or chemical) the colours and patterns will be ruined.

– Iron at high temperature.
Ironing your fancy tablecloths and napkins makes them more elegant for that formal dinner, and, as a bonus, kills germs. So some people like to bleach to kill the germs – iron instead!

– Tumble dry, low heat, delicate setting.
Take out of the dryer when your kitchen linens are still slightly damp. You can hang them to dry or iron to perfection.

– Do not dry clean. Just don’t.